Visa Check Card

Visa Check Card

Get the purchasing power of your Northern Skies FCU account in one slim piece of plastic. The Visa® Check Card allows you to access your checking account anytime with a simple swipe. You can use it to make purchases in stores or online, or get cash from any ATM—funds are pulled from your account immediately to cover the cost. It's that easy!

  • Access your checking balance anytime
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Make purchases or get cash from any ATM
  • Funds deducted automatically
  • No monthly fees or finance charges
  • Free with Northern Skies checking account

List of Alaska Surcharge-Free ATMs.

VISA Check Card Application


Northern Skies FCU is a member of the VISA/PLUS ATM Network, giving you access to your funds at more than 855,000 ATMs in 149 countries. Through this program, you can perform numerous transactions including deposits at any VISA/PLUS ATM.

To locate a Visa/PLUS ATM near you, simply click here.