Additional Services

In order to ensure that our members have everything they need, we offer these additional services:

Automatic Account Transfers

At Northern Skies FCU we are advocates of convenience. With an automatic account transfer, making a loan payment or a budgeted contribution to your savings or club account is as simple as letting us know what you want and when you want it.

Direct Deposit

Get immediate access to your income with this free, time-saving option. We can automatically deposit your paycheck, social security, or other recurring payment into the account you specify. Contact us to get started.

Payroll Deduction

Have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited into one or more of your Northern Skies FCU accounts. You can raise or lower the amount of payroll deduction at any time. Check with your personnel department to see if your company offers payroll deduction.

Online Check Orders

We now offer check-printing services through Harland, one of the nation's leading check printers. We can assist you in placing your first check order with them. Or if you've done it before, you can do it on your own anytime!

Wire Transfers

When you need cash quickly, this is the solution. Have funds wired to any Northern Skies FCU account or an account at another institution for a low fee. Get peace of mind of knowing you have access to your funds when and where you need it.

Foreign Currency

Purchasing foreign currency can be a few clicks of the mouse away as we've partnered with My Travel Wallet. Getting started is easy, simply click here to visit their website.